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Activities Offered at YMCA of San Diego County's Camp Surf

Terry Chucas

The recipient of a juris doctor degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Terry Chucas is a former Royal Canadian Navy officer who draws upon 28 years of experience in his role as a family attorney. Outside of representing children in high-conflict divorce cases, Terry Chucas supports local nonprofit organizations such as the YMCA of San Diego County.

In addition to the diverse range of programs offered at its main campus, the YMCA of San Diego County provides young people with the opportunity to participate in recreational activities at its 45-acre Camp Surf located along the Pacific Ocean. Along the quarter-mile undeveloped beach waterfront, camp guests can receive body board and surfing instruction or participate in sand sculpting events or other beach games. The organization also hosts a Weekend Castaway program that allows for overnight camping on the beach.
Camp Surf offers ample field space for team-building activities and games such as football and soccer, while visitors can also engage in archery and a low-ropes course. However, Camp Surf's most popular recreational activity is Ga-Ga. Played in an octagonal pit, the high-energy game is similar to dodgeball but much safer, as participants use a soft foam ball and aim below the knees of other players.

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