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CLE Programs from the SDCBA

Terry Chucas

A member of the Dependency Appellate Panel for appeals courts in San Diego and Los Angeles, Terry Chucas has nearly three decades of experience practicing law in California with a focus on dependency appeals. Professionally, Terry Chucas maintains membership in organizations such as the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA).

Created in 1899 to promote the legal profession, SDCBA believes in the importance of values such as growth and inclusion. While supporting its members, the association seeks to strengthen and improve the local community with over 50 special committees and other groups.
SDCBA also offers extensive educational opportunities for the professional development of its members. These include live CLE (continuing legal education) programs and webinars, as well as other offerings ranging from expert panels to roundtable discussions.
These programs cover topics such as basics for new attorneys, how to manage and market a legal practice, nurturing diversity, incorporating technology, and personal development. Current offerings vary from month to month.
For more information about the SDCBA and its upcoming events, visit

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