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Healthy Eating Tips for People Who Don't Cook Much

Terry Chucas

San Diego attorney Terry Chucas has provided legal counsel and representation for families navigating dependency and appeal proceedings for over 30 years. Terry Chucas, a member of the Dependency Appellate Panel for the Second District Court of Appeal and the Fourth District Court of Appeal, would prefer to engage in his favorite hobbies such as hockey or reading rather than cooking a time-consuming meal.

Often, people who are too busy to cook or not interested in cooking end up eating high-fat, high-sodium premade meals or takeout. However, there are ways to incorporate healthy foods into meals without spending hours in the kitchen.
When eating out or ordering-in, select lower calories dishes that are baked or steamed rather than fried. Diners can also avoid unhealthy fats and extra calories by asking that any extra dressings or sauces be served on the side.
For making healthy meals at home, nutritionists recommend keeping fresh or frozen vegetables on hand to make simple salads or steamed stir-fries. There are also a number of chicken and vegetable-based recipes that can be easily prepared in an aluminum foil packet. Makings stews and other dishes in a good slow cooker or crock pot can also reduce time spent in the kitchen.

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