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SDCBA's Bar Center at 401

Terry Chucas

San Diego-based attorney Terry Chucas has been representing clients in family law matters since the early 1990s. An active member of the legal field, Terry Chucas belongs to professional groups and organizations such as the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA).

Along with coordinating various educational programs and activities, SDCBA offers members a number of resources to support their practice, including Bar Center at 401. Located at the organization's headquarters in downtown San Diego, Bar Center at 401 provides members with space to meet with clients, work on cases, and socialize with other legal professionals.
In addition to a large conference center for SDCBA educational programs, the facility features small, private conference rooms that attorneys can use to meet with clients and witnesses, their legal teams, or opposing counsel. Bar Center at 401 also includes a collaborative workspace with office equipment and Wi-Fi access alongside a lounge open exclusively for SDCBA members. For hours and other information about Bar Center at 401, visit

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