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The Real Character of Evita

Terry Chucas

A member of the San Diego County Bar Association, Terry Chucas serves children and parents in the field of dependency litigation through his private practice in San Diego. In his leisure time, Terry Chucas enjoys attending plays, including his favorite, Evita.

A Broadway musical written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber that later became a film, Evita takes its name from a real woman, Eva Maria Ibarguren, who was nicknamed Evita. Born out of wedlock in 1919, Evita grew up in poverty in rural Argentina and then moved to Buenos Aires to pursue a dream of becoming an actress. There, she achieved success on the radio and stage and created the Heroines of History radio program to share biographies of famous women.
She also met her husband, a military colonel named Juan Peron, many years her senior. When Colonel Peron campaigned to become Argentina's president, Evita helped him win and remained active through her role as First Lady, reaching out to help the country's poor and supporting efforts for women's suffrage.

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