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YMCA Teams up with AARP

Terry Chucas

Based in San Diego, California, attorney Terry Chucas has close to three decades of experience in family law. At his private practice, he works with clients on child dependency matters and divorce litigation. Outside of work, Terry Chucas is a longtime supporter of the YMCA.

The YMCA recently announced that it had teamed up with AARP to create programs in selected communities across the country aimed at helping people lead healthier lives. Programs tackle issues including social isolation, continuing education, and physical well-being.
The AARP is specifically working with the YMCA to bring these programs to elderly Americans, who comprise one of the most at-risk populations in the country. Ten cities serve as the pilot for these programs, which began in late summer 2017, with volunteers from both organizations working in each community. In his comments, YMCA President and CEO Kevin Washington said he looked forward to working with AARP to expand the Y's array of programming available to senior citizens.

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